Juice PLUS+® Premium –
Make your quality of life better!

  • When you select Premium, you are choosing concentrates of many varieties of fruits, vegetables and berries, harvested at the peak of ripeness.
  • Thanks to Premium, you will enjoy essential nutrients of juice and pulp of real dehydrated fruit.


From fruit to Juice PLUS+®

The fruits and vegetables in Juice PLUS+® grow in areas blessed by the sun. Both the quality of the natural ingredients and our proprietary dehydration process meet and exceed the highest standards, thereby locking in and preserving most of the natural nutrients.

As regards the production process, we use suppliers with which we have maintained long and rewarding relationships. The quality of our products is built on a basis of trust and sustainability.

The exclusive Juice PLUS+® powders derive directly from fruits, vegetables and berries.

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You love life. And you love yourself. That‘s why you only want the best. For your life. For you. And for your body. Your Juice PLUS+® COMPLETE. Everything you need.

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Want to achieve your ideal weight and keep it there, without compromising a flavorful diet?

Juice PLUS+® Shape is here to help you reach your goal.

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